Saturday, January 24, 2015

Spacin' Wagon

You may or may not have heard that I recently said bye-bye to my GTI. I'm now starting the hunt for the right kind of rod to tool around in on the weekend. I'm currently geeking out on BMW E39 5 Series wagons and this particular example is pretty close to perfect. Great job on this one Swagon.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

2014: A Year in Review

Top 3 Favorite Albums

3. Bleachers - Strange Desire

Bringing the ’80s back one synth track at a time. Standout track: Reckless Love

2. Taylor Swift - 1989

Also bringing the ’80s back another synth track at a time. Standout track: Bad Blood

1. Beck - Morning Phase

Trust me. Pop this one in first thing every Monday morning. Standout track: Blue Moon

Top 3 Favorite Movies

3. Interstellar

Yes, this one just might be Nolan's M. Night moment, but I've thought about it everyday since seeing it. Standout features: CASE, KIPP, and TARS

2. The Lego Movie

Mind melding the Lego, Batman and Star Wars geeks in us all. Standout moment: Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship!!!

1. Live. Die. Repeat.: Edge of Tomorrow

Shoulda been called Live. Die. Repeat. from day one; it's the most underrated movie of the year. Standout feature: Emily Blunt wielding a helicopter blade sword.

Top 3 Favorite TV Shows

3. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Seinfeld. Fine autos. Cool restaurants. Yes. Yes. And yes. Standout episode: Sarah Jessica Parker

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Consistently bringing comedic heat to the heat! Standout episode: Stakeout

1. Gracepoint

This outta nowhere 'merican remake of a British show makes me wanna have more miniseries marathons. Standout performance: David Tennant as Detective Emmett Carver

Top 3 Favorite Cars

3. BMW i8

Easily the most exciting car to come along in decades. Welcome to the future. Standout feature: i is the new ///M

2. BMW ///M235i

This was so close to my number one pick, it’s not even funny. Standout feature: It’s a drift mob monster.

1. Volkswagen GTI

Sheesh. Wolfsburg nailed it. Standout feature: No other five seater under $30K on the planet has this perfect balance of fun, style, economy and character.

Top 3 Favorite Designs

3. Poler - The Rolltop

So digging the aesthetic of the classic rolltop backpack. Standout colorway: Holiday Yellow

2. Quell & Co. - The Spool Dock

My phone always seems to have juice now. Standout feature: Industrial grade felt FTW.


If only Amazon’s main interface was nearly as cool as its curated cousin’s. Standout feature: Sweet little iOS app.

And a new category this year since officially making the leap to Madison Avenue...

Top 3 Favorite Ads

3. Land Rover - The Vanishing Game

Never thought an ad would be the trigger to make me want to start reading again. Standout feature: Multimedia awesomeness.

2. Honda - The Other Side

This is really hard for me to say, but this guy could give Jason Statham a run for his money. Standout feature: Cinema-grade production design.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Official Teaser

I don’t care how many blades that lightsaber has, I started choking up the moment I saw the Falcon doing those maneuvers. Standout feature: Impossible to choose just one.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Haul

Got some fun items for Christmas this year. Starting in the top left: Poler's Holiday Rolltop pack, Gap's Chunky Fair Isle scarf, neff's Daily Beanie, Field Notes' County Fair collection: Utah, Palomino's Blackwing Pearl pencil, and J.Crew + Nike Waffle Racer sneakers. So yeah, I'm a happy camper.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Castle Greyscale Moodboard

A couple of these images ended up right next to each other in my feeds recently and I thought that a groovy grey moodboard was definitely in order. Not too full of holiday cheer per se, but hope you enjoy anyway!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Suits and Sneakers: 5 Rules of the Road

I recently moved to NYC and see an almost daily trend of guys wearing sneakers with suits!?! From time to time, it actually looks kinda cool. But more often than not, it's a billowy business suit with goofy, technical-looking cross trainers that I wouldn't even wear with jeans let alone slacks.

Here are five basic rules of the road I've observed for pairing sneakers with suits in a way that actually works.

1) Tailored Suit
You gotta start off with the right sorta suit. A suit and sneakers doesn't just work with any cut. From what I can tell, it really has to be a very tailored jacket with form-fitting, cuffed pants. It also can't just be a standard dark, flat-colored business suit. Kicks go best with lighter, textured fabrics.

Men's Style Pro nails the look.

2) Classic Sneakers
Your grubby gym shoes are not gonna cut it. The best way to pull this look off is to stick to the classics. Vintage, retro, or reissued running shoes are the safest bet. Classic skate sneaks or indoor soccer shoes work too.

The Bespoke Dudes get it right.

3) Cool Socks or No Socks at All
Pair your sneakers with some fancy, colorful socks or better yet, just go sockless. (Wear hide-a-socks if you must.) Do not pull out your white tubes or black dress socks… even if they have gold toes.

4) Additional Accessories
Adding sneaks to a suit brings an overall sportiness to your look. Compliment that sporty vibe with the right kind of accessories, whether it’s a hat, scarf, or matching iPad sleeve (above)—let people know you’re on the go.

And of course J.Crew and Nick Wooster both know what's up.

5) Own It
By wearing sneakers with your suit, you’re entering into a brave new world of men’s fashion where relatively few have trodden. Follow these rules but most importantly, be confident. Wear them with a sly smile and jet around in some serious street style.

There’s a dude on my train platform who wears a checkered pair of classic Vans slip-ons almost every morning. And thanks to his heather grey tailored suits, the right accouterments, and that just-gonna-own-it attitude... he pulls the whole look off flawlessly.

So give a suit and sneaks a shot, just stick to the rules so you don’t end up lookin’ like these guys.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

State Bicycle Offroad Division

Excited about State Bicycle's new Offroad Division. I'm thinking about one of these beasts. We'll see.

Friday, November 07, 2014

The Life Aquatic Moodboard

So last week, I strolled into work sporting my classic Steve Zissou Halloween costume. It wasn't the first time I rocked it and it won't be the last. It's my all-time favorite movie and its style is timeless. In fact, it got me thinking. Since Wes Anderson is the definitive OH (original hipster)... does The Life Aquatic's aesthetic still work today?

I combed through Pinterest and Tumblr and stumbled on this handful of images. And in my opinion, not only does its look work along with today's vibes... this movie very well may have inspired the tone that's permeating plenty of people's pins.