Friday, September 22, 2006

The Band Game.

So. In my line of work, I'm communicating with new and different people on a daily basis—clients all over the nation. And when it's time for a little break from all the work talk, you gotta relax with a conversation about something, anything else. Today I started talkin' music with producer at an agency in NYC. We each metioned a few bands that we're into, then I sensed it coming: the Band Game. Obviously, the next question was, c'mon say it with me, "So, have you ever heard of The So-and-So's?"

Why is it that anytime you just wanna have a casual conversation about music, it's gotta turn into the "
You've never heard the Whatchamacallits!?!" Followed by the retort, "Well do you know the Whosiwhatsits?" What is with the Band Game? I mean seriously, what is it about music that requires people to seek out that one band that no one else has discovered, then turn around and rub it in another music lover's face? Sounds crazy right? Can't they just say something like, "I think you'd really like the Whatchamajackets!"

So, as I was comfronted with this classic case of the Band Game today—outta the blue—the perfect response popped into my head. Ready for it? "I don't compare, I share." Ok, maybe it's not that cool, actually sounds pretty dorky. Nevertheless, I've now decided that this response will dictate my entire music conversation strategy. So if you ever cross my path, and wanna throw down on the music front, be prepared for it to not go too far.


Anonymous said...

I now know that you are a hypocrite. A perpetrator of comparisons. A proclaimer of superiority.

Your blog is just a knock-off of mine. KNOCK-OFF! (hehe)...

Jimboborazzala said...

Isn't this really just the way to determine who is cooler in the Indie universe? It's despicable, but it really makes you realize where you are in the hierarchy of Indieness. The absolute worst is when someone drops the name of a band and you don't know them and they say, "Oh, it's the side project of the drummer of the La's, the bassist of Cursive, and the tambourinist of Conor Oberst's touring band." It's like when I wore Converses in 5th grade. I was cooler than a nerd but not as cool as those wearing Air Jordans