Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I’ll See You in Another Life Brotha!

So it’s Wednesday 8:00 pm and we’re recording the Season 3 premiere of LOST as I type. Kids are still kinda up, so we’re gonna watch it later. And let me tell you, I am so stoked. Last night we reviewed some episodes in anticipation for the big night. We watched both the premiere and finale of Season 2. Basically it was Desmond’s storyline.
Why is Desmond my all time favorite character on that show? Seriously. The guy’s been in 3 maybe 4 episodes and he’s drunk in half of those. You barely know anything about him. But it’s what you do know about him that makes him rock. Here’s what we know:

He digs Mama Cass.
He has a killer Scottish accent.
He pulls off long hair.
He drinks egg yolks.
He enjoys not reading good literature. (Just like me.)
He runs around empty stadiums giving advice on life to other stadium runners.
He makes cameo appearances on 24.
And he has an awesome catch phase.

(Pausing and watching the premiere.)
Back. I just watched it. Okay, I’m officially LOST.


snizzle said...
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snizzle said...

nice nice nice....i agree