Sunday, February 25, 2007

Everything's Not LOST.

Alright, I have to talk about what’s been going down on LOST since the mid-season premiere. (First of all, what the heck is a mid-season premiere anyway.) This season has been sort of a strange one, but then again this is LOST. As I’ve said in a past post, I can be so frustrated with an episode, and then in the very next moment it’ll go and completely redeem itself.I’m sure you’ve all heard about the huge viewership drop-off LOST has supposedly been experiencing. This has been attributed to the proliferation of unanswered questions, the elimination of characters we’ve just grown to love, and what’s been called a severe lack of focus. But I don’t buy that. In everything I’ve read, no one seems to mention anything about ABC’s haphazard scheduling or the massive mid-season hiatus, as contributing factors. Will someone in the LOST camp please take a hint from Kiefer and the 24 boys?

So three weeks ago, when this so-called premiere occurred, I was anxious to see how good old Damon and JJ would respond to the criticism. And all I have to say is anyone who has fallen away from the path is seriously missing out. The last three LOST eps have been as good as any. Fantastic acting, killer cinematography, amazing dialog, more answers and even more questions—they’ve been classic.

I’d just like to extend an invitation to all those less-active LOST viewers out there. Please come back, we miss you on Thursday mornings. Suspend your disbelief, grab some popcorn, and rejoin the baffling journey. And maybe, just maybe, Sawyer (or Jack) will get his Kate on and everything will be okay again.


Jimboborazzala said...

Wow, I totally disagree. I still watch the show, but I am incredibly annoyed at the pace of things happening on this island. I'm convinced that the flashbacks are taking up more and more time (espcially the "Charlie, you're going to die" episode in which there were about 5 minutes worth of islandness and 40 minutes of flashback) and I'm caring less and less about them. I don't want answers. I just want island action. And I don't define island action as "Kate and Sawyer manage to paddle across the 2 mile lagoon and then fight." It seemed that so much was packed into each episode in the first season. Now, we're lucky to have anything big happen, and when it does happen it's out of context because we've spent 35 minutes in Thailand and only 10 on the island. Here's the final blow: I do crossword puzzles during Lost now. It's slow paced enough that I can still keep up even though I don't give it my full attention. No more edge of my seat for me.

kyality said...

I hear what you’re saying, I’ve had to alter my viewing style with the show too. But once I did, I found that the show is easily still one of the best on TV. I used to watch LOST for the twists and the turns, constantly trying to figure things out. And I admit, I now watch LOST for the dialog, the editing, the kissing, etc.

I’ve completely stopped attempting to solve this mystery. I’m focusing on enjoying moments rather than the brooding over the beyond-confusing big picture, hence the popcorn and the suspension of disbelief. C’mon admit it, Wookie prisoner jokes and guys getting smashed by buses are awesome.