Monday, May 21, 2007

Getting MINIed.

So I totally got MINIed the other day. I was on my way to work, cruising on a three-lane highway in the center lane and I noticed a silver Cooper S just behind me on left. It eventually caught up to me and we more or less were driving together for a little while.

A couple minutes later, I caught a glimpse of a yellow Cooper with a checkerboard roof in my rearview. He was hauling up the lane on my right. As he was gunning it, I had this notion that he may have spotted us and wanted to catch up. Sure enough, I was right.

The yellow Cooper caught up to us and all of the sudden there were three MINIs—right in a line. I got a nod from the guy on the right and, as if I were brainwashed by the MINI brigade or something, I gave a nod to the dude on the left. (Man, I’m such a dork.)

As we were all lined up there in a row, not letting a soul pass, naturally our speed began to increase. I’ll admit, it was actually kinda fun. What’s interesting is this; I’m coming off of a fairly rare car. And now driving a car where obviously I can meet up with several versions of it on a single commute to work—yet I still feel very much like an individual in it.

On the way home today I spotted my own MINIing moment. I saw a brand new grey Cooper S ahead of me and I saw a blue Cooper behind me. I caught up to the new Cooper S and took my position. Then we waited for the blue Cooper to catch up to us. We waited and waited. But that 3rd MINI never clued in! Oh well, I guess you need have gotten MINIed to know how to give a good MINIing.

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