Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye.

I would just like to officially say that even though I probably hate Michael Bay more than any director in existence, I am still planning to go and see Transformers. Yes, there will definitely be more dramatic, panning, low-angle hero shots than anyone can bear—but still, it’s freaking Transformers! How awesome is that! Honestly, this movie could star Carrot Top and I’d still go see it.

Ever since I watched the pilot episode of the Transformers cartoon as a kid—their escape from Cybertron, I have loved this storyline. My favorite Transformer was and always will be Jazz, the music-thumping Porsche. I vividly remember going and seeing the original Transformers: The Movie with my mom at the Fishkill Mall on my 10th birthday. I full on cried when Optimus Prime died and passed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership on to Ultra Magnus. (Who then passed it on to Hot Rod, who then opened it and became the new Autobot leader—Rodimus Prime. I’m telling you, I know my stuff.)

Here’s what I’m excited about. First, the special effects in this new flick look like they’re off the hook. They’ve nailed how these things should transform in real life—nailed it. Second, I’m also mega stoked that Peter Cullen (the original voice of Optimus Prime) has returned to play him once again. Hopefully the voice talent will be as cool at the original flick, which brought in the skills of actors like former Python Eric Idle, Leonard Nimoy, and the amazing voice talent of one Judd Nelson.

Here’s what I’m torqued about. Why the crap is Bumblebee now some cheese-ball Chevy concept car!?! Who are the ad wizards that came up with that one? A bumblebee is a bug, the car was a bug—this is not rocket science. Seriously, a New Beetle Turbo S in racing yellow would have been the perfect way to update that character. Somebody at Crispin has got to be pissed about missing out on that little product-placement-dream-come-true! (Suckers.)

Anyway. Look for my review in the coming weeks, the movie opens on the 4th of July and it’s going to be awesome.
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