Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Life Aquatic.

For my recent birthday, my wife got me an awesome gift: a Team Zissou T-shirt and red cap. And for some reason, ever since then, I’ve had The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou on the brain. I purchased the soundtrack from iTunes and have had it thumping in my car. I also ripped my DVD of The Life Aquatic with an amazing little program called HandBrake and I literally carry the flick around with me at all times.

I completely realize that The Life Aquatic is totally the ultimate hipster "film", but seriously I don’t care. I kid you not that every time I watch the thing, I see new things and pick up on deeper degrees of detail. It’s easily one of the richest movies I can think of. For example, the last time I watched it, I noticed in the scene where the crew is watching an old Life Aquatic episode “Trapped in the Ice”, there are actually little Team Zissou action figures arranged on both sides of the TV set… awesome.

After watching The Life Aquatic for the very first time, I thought to myself this is probably Wes Anderson’s 13-year old dream come true. In fact, I distinctly remembered growing up, drawing pictures of similar expedition teams with cool vehicles and matching uniforms. I even remember building my own little expedition team and vehicles out of my vast Lego collection. I’ve even thought, how cool would it be if Lego actually came out with Team Zissou set! I guess I’m not the only one who’s had that thought.
So check this out. I came across another fan’s blog with a link to this Flickr account. Yes, that’s Steve and Ned in their red caps and Speedos! Though I seem to have enough time to blog about The Life Aquatic, I’m kind of glad I don’t have enough time to take my temporary obsession to this degree. Nevertheless, these photos are awesome and I totally would love to play with the vehicles that would accompany these figures—so enjoy!

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snizzle said...

Yo, we need to watch that when you guys are out here. Isn't HandBrake awesome?? I've used it with a bunch of movies. I have Star Wars 3 and 4 on my iPod along with James Bond and Zoolander. It's awesome.

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