Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sometimes You’ve Got To Rock ‘til The Cops Come.

So I’m in SF on a biz trip and while wandering back to the hotel after a long day of thumping the pavement, we came across a good old fashion street party. The fun started with the sound of hip drumbeat and a scorching guitar. At first I thought the tunes were coming from inside a local bar, but I soon realized that they were actually coming from the corner of Geary and Powell.

A small crowd was dancing and grooving to some relatively pretty good beats, in fact I’ll admit that I thought (hoped) the band was somebody well known. Even though I didn’t recognize them, they rocked pretty hard. I caught myself thinking, not bad, not bad at all.
After listening to a couple songs, I said, “sometimes you’ve just got to rock ‘til the cops come.” Not even a second after I thought that, a cop car pulled up and a hulking patrolman stepped out of the car and crossed his arms. The crowd danced even more once the cop was there, which was awesome.
Once that particular song was done, the band thanked the crowd, broke down their equipment and started loading it into a little Nissan pickup. I asked the drummer what they were called and he said “Hills and Jackets”, I thought it sounded weird, so I asked him again just to make sure. I guess that’s what they’re called…

I can’t find anything about them online, so if you know anything let me know! But I’ll tell you this, there ain’t anything wrong with a little rockin’ ‘til the cops come.

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