Saturday, August 02, 2008

So What’s YOUR Carfun Footprint?

It’s been a long time dream to do advertising and design for MINI. And as of yesterday the realization of that dream launched. Meet the MINI Carfun Footprint Calculator. What is a Carfun Footprint you might ask? Well, it’s a unit of measurement that pits your car’s fun factor against its environmental impact.

This is an actual quantitative number calculated by a combination of legitimate sources. And once the facts were in, guess which car came out on top? Yep, the MINI Cooper Hardtop has the ultimate combo of fun vs. green on the road today!

BSSP developed a killer concept and Struck was responsible for the final design, 3D, motion graphics and development of the Flash app itself. Every time I play with the thing, I’m absolutely blown away by the killer 3D, texturing and motion that the team cranked out. We actually did use quite a few photos from the Clubman shoot from a few weeks ago both as reference and as actual textures as well.

The entire site experience will also literally be delivered through some serious rich media banner buys, which is an awesome feat in and of itself. So if you see a Carfun banner in your daily perusal of the world wide web, make sure to play with it for a bit then click through to and configure a Cooper of your own. But just remember, I call Hot Chocolate!




Justin said...

Yes! My car rocks!

J, motorer-at-large

kmon said...

69 out of 197. It was trying so hard not to call me boring. "You are the owner of a nice comfortable sedan. Nice... Comfortable..."