Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let The Chase Begin.

Lately, I’ve been way into cool pro cycling chase cars. Here are some of the sweetest ones I’ve found. At work, I’ve been trying to put together a sponsorship for the best cycling team in the state, the Ski Utah Cycling team. We’ll most likely be designing their next round of jerseys. Who knows maybe they’ll need someone to drive a Clubman chase car one day!

The Garmin/Chipotle team is by far the most stylish, gotta love the argyle motif.
The Mavic team is pretty serious about this sport.
Check out the BMW chase bikes.
Yep, MINIs work too!
Euro wagons are standard fare.
The Jittery Joe's team runs MINIs only.
Here's one for a Specialized team.

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Justin said...

At the Tour de Georgia last Spring, I caved and entered a drawing to win that Saab. It looks fantastic in person, although it did have extra racks and spare cycles on it at the time.