Monday, December 08, 2008

More MINI.

So I’ve lasted a whole month without writing a MINI post. And I’ll admit, it’s been tough. So sorry Team Boo, I’m back on the saddle. This weekend the MINIzilla reemerged for winter, just in time for the first decent snowstorm of the season.

Speaking of wheels, I’ve been curious if the two-piece rims that roll on in the summertime could successfully be disassembled, painted and reassembled. Then I came across these little photos. This guy disassembled the rims, rattle-canned them with five coats of paint, hit ‘em with some matte clear-coat, then reassembled them. The results are pretty amazing.

So now I’m thinking about painting the inner pieces of my rims the exact same color, Dark Silver, as the body of my rod. I just think it’d be a cool, simple way to make my rather common MINI extremely unique.
Here's my current rim, thinking I'm goin' grey!

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Greg and/or Angie said...

I approve. As a fellow DS owner, I think it would look outstanding.