Saturday, April 04, 2009

Murdered-Out Rims

I was banking on Spring coming in full force this week so I cruised over to Wheelwerks and swapped out the factory all-seasons on the Clubman for my, as Dan calls them, murdered out 18-inchers. My bet was wrong, the snow keeps coming—but luckily the rims look hot anyway. I’m super stoked on the outcome… I feel like they really tie the whole car together. Unfortunately, a Saturday morning blizzard made me late for MINI rally at MoM (a.k.a. MINI of Murray). But I did manage to snap these pics with Struck’s ultra wide-angle lens.

Apparently Dan likes the rims but hates the racing stripes. He actually said and I quote, "Why would you want to take something that's so pure looking and cover it up with those stripes?" I was like, "Uh, seriously? Let's just call them its tattoos."


teamBoo said...

dear auto Authority-

Am i in some car fashion denial??

...cause Adam just announced that he was "murdering out" (but never in those words) the Lincoln sedan we just bought from my mom. Mostly due to the necessity and price range of the rims, but please tell me there is a difference between driving a cute stripy mini with blacks, over a solid black densely tinted LS with the same?

It's plain embarrassing...we live in Gilbert for heavens sake!

yours truly,
Pimped and Pathetic

kyality said...

Just to clarify... it's merely the rims of my car that are quote "murdered out". And MINI's are not "cute", they're cool. AND I dunno how well a murdered out grandma car would do in the heat of the AZ. It'll most likely melt into a black, molten tar in your driveway.

Anonymous said...

Those wheels look slick. And a lot easier to keep clean-looking than my poor web spokes! How do they ride?

Not sure who could hate stripes on a Mini, though. Had to go without after my clubbie came out of the body shop for about three weeks, and the poor car felt naked without them.

kyality said...

Going to 18's with low profile tires is definitely a rougher ride. At the same time, it's very cool to point the car where you want it to go and feel it shoot there with laser-like precision.

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