Saturday, April 04, 2009

Murdered-Out Rims

I was banking on Spring coming in full force this week so I cruised over to Wheelwerks and swapped out the factory all-seasons on the Clubman for my, as Dan calls them, murdered out 18-inchers. My bet was wrong, the snow keeps coming—but luckily the rims look hot anyway. I’m super stoked on the outcome… I feel like they really tie the whole car together. Unfortunately, a Saturday morning blizzard made me late for MINI rally at MoM (a.k.a. MINI of Murray). But I did manage to snap these pics with Struck’s ultra wide-angle lens.

Apparently Dan likes the rims but hates the racing stripes. He actually said and I quote, "Why would you want to take something that's so pure looking and cover it up with those stripes?" I was like, "Uh, seriously? Let's just call them its tattoos."
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