Sunday, June 14, 2009

Velo Mamma

So, will somebody please help me convince Mrs. Kyality that she should get this bike? We've been investigating ladies bikes for a few months now and we've hit a bit of a brick wall. Growing up in a bike family, you kind of know that a decent bike is definitely gonna be in the $400+ range. Otherwise, you’re relegated to a big box solution at the Targets of the world. But when searching out a stylish women’s bike for a gal/mamma who hasn’t ridden for a long time and isn’t so sure if a new bike would even be ridden for more than a few times a month, a $400 - $700 price tag can be a definite barrier of entry. I just think this Electra Townie Euro 8D in Cadet Blue would be a rad rod for the Mrs. to cruise on despite it being bucks deluxe.
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