Saturday, August 22, 2009

(1000) Days of Summer and Counting...

For all you fans of (500) Days—we’ve already seen it twice and we’re about ready for our third viewing—here’s a great little interview with first-time director Marc Webb and editor Alan Bell post on the Pro section of Apple’s site. The filmmakers go into some detail about working with the perfect everyman protagonist Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the stunning starlet of a siren Zooey Deschanel. They also breakdown the theoretical and technical concept of the flick, which is pretty cool, but let’s just say they throw around the term postmodern far too cavalierly.

One funny quote was this one by Marc Webb concerning Zooey’s prep time: “Zooey prepares in a more private way. She's extremely thoughtful, but her greatest gift is her intuition. She flows in this magical way, reacting to the life in the moment. You can sense she's feeling everything that Summer is feeling.”

So basically what you’re telling us there Mr. Director is that Zooey did her best to basically play herself in this one. Nice. Be sure to check out these killer production photos that came along with this article. No matter what Kakie says about Joe’s wardrobe… Zooey’s is pretty amazing as well. But it doesn’t really matter what she wears, cuz let’s face it, all you’re really looking at are those eyes.

Now is it just me or is Marc Webb sporting some serious Kyality-style here or what?
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