Saturday, January 30, 2010

To all the iPad haters out there...

So, I'm just a little confused. An awesome company comes out with a straight-up product from the future and all of a sudden everyone's like: "Hey, that's not futury enough!" Granted the name sucks, I mean seriously don't name your product after a pun. But other than that, I do in fact dig the iPad. I definitely think they struck the right balance between an iPhone-like operating system and desktop-grade apps.

The industrial design is in fact as sleek and solid as anyone could have hoped for. I mean this isn't 2054 and Tom Cruise isn't running Precrime. Can you imagine having one of these back in college? It's functional, affordable and flat-out cool (okay, I kinda like puns). Bottom line, this product is a newborn and its possibilities are endless. I mean check out the DJ control panel above that ISO50 mocked up within hours of its unveiling. As more true uses for the iPad surface (geez, I'm full of them), I'm positive the haters will come around.
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