Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Mighty Mote Lives

When sprang onto the scene with gobs of hi-def online content—Mrs. Kyality and I quickly became avid viewers on our iMac. After just a couple of weeks of Hulu-ing it was clear that dual-wielding the Apple Remote and Mighty Mouse wasn't awesome. Last year, Hulu did come out with an Adobe AIR application called Hulu Desktop which only requires an Apple Remote. But unfortunately, the video occasionally chunks in the app. So, I came up with a little idea called the Mighty Mote that incorporated a scroll ball for mousing into the traditional Apple Remote—but for some strange reason it never caught on.

Until now. @zuhl via @upto12 turned me onto an amazing remote app for the iPhone called Rowmote Pro. This app turns the iPhone into a Mighty Mote! You have all the functionality of a remote, mouse and even keyboard for your Mac in the palm of your hand. This was almost too good to be true and it's literally the first iPhone app I've EVER purchased!

With a simple download to your Mac (don't forget to restart), you don't even need line-of-sight to run all your apps from your iPhone. Now if they'd just add a mute button, I'd be set!

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Justin said...

Nice find; and I love the pictorial depiction as well.