Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maybe Iron Man Should Fly Solo

As a Kyality Kid myself, I never had more than a flirtatious relationship with actual comic books. I mean, I always loved Batman, but that obsession mainly stemmed from reruns of the campy 1960's series, Tim Burton's films and Batman: The Animated Series. As far as actual comic books go, I probably never owned more than a dozen or so and only a third of them were Marvel. And of those, they were all either Iron Man comics or The Avengers. I always viewed Iron Man/Tony Stark as Marvel's version of Batman/Bruce Wayne—millionaires, no super powers and lotsa cool tech. So when the first Iron Man movie came out in 2008, I was stoked and enjoyed it enough to buy it.

Last night we caught the sequel and though I wasn't completely blown away (not like The Dark Knight follow-up to Batman Begins)—we still had a great time at the movies. The dialog is witty, the action sequences are fun and pretty original and the CG/motion effects (especially the digital scans and imaging of Stark's central computer, JARVIS) are fantastic. Iron Man has easily become Marvel's best motion picture franchise.

Personally, I think there's some danger ahead for this franchise by co-mingling it with the rest of the Marvel universe. The Avengers is a rotating team of heros who have from time to time included characters such as Captain America, Thor, The Hulk and even The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and Wolverine. The trouble is this—the Iron Man flicks have been really good—now this story is looking like its about to get mixed in with the likes of Marvel's other hit-and-miss franchises. Thank goodness that in the comic books, Daredevil declined to join The Avengers.
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