Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I have beef. Let's fight.

Strangely enough, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World totally slipped under my radar until it was well into theaters. It even came out on my b-day and instead I let Mrs. Kyality convince me to see Eat, Pray, Love. But on Saturday, we were able to snag a sitter for The Kyality Kids for a couple of hours in the afternoon and caught it.

I'm a huge fan of George Michael Bluth, Hot Fuzz and graphic novel adaptations, so once I figured out what this show actually was I was stoked to see it. And it did not disappoint. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is the perfect combination of graphic novel meets video game meets anime meets teen angst flick. Not to mention the music rocks too.

Though I was generally a fan of the Wachowski's adaptation of Speed Racer—it seems like this flick's visual effects and motion graphics accomplished what the Wachowski's were attempting. The effects were just tight and the fight scenes were both clever and epic. I can totally imagine Andy and Larry (or is it Lana) watching Pilgrim and going—ahhh, crap.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is easily one of the coolest flicks of the year, so go check it out and get there early enough to catch the treatment of the Universal Pictures logo animation. Good stuff.
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