Monday, May 27, 2013

Bagged Bag

A couple of years ago, I spent nearly 18 months in search of my ideal messenger bag. My old mish buddy pinged me looking for bag suggestions not too long ago. He didn't know what he was in for. After a barrage of questioning to determine what his everyday carry (ECD) really looked like, I was able to prioritize a list that really informed what bags would work. 

After no more than about 90 minutes, I found it: the STM Velo. There was absolutely no question. This was the one. My buddy had to agree. Here's some pics of his recent acquisition.

And here's his ECD:
• STM Velo Laptop Bag
• Dell Laptop (company issued)
• Power cord and various adapter cords
• Mail/Bills that need response
• Magazines
• Checkerboad Mighty Wallet
• DVD sets on loan
• Gifts cards I need to use up
• Scout Book with pen and pencils
• Belkin portable mouse
• Opinel Knife – Classic Carbone
• Knockaround Fort Knocks Sunglasses
• Security Badge
• Skullcandy Ear Buds
• Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone
• Lint Roller (just got a dog)

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