Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Art of Curation

When I heard that Flipboard's founder/CEO, Mike McCue, would be speaking at this year's Cannes Lions festival... I knew we'd have to come up with something special to help spread the word. Luckily, the amazing Becca Clason was available... well, sorta.

Becca was just about to go on a break to have her first kid but she was able to just barely sneak us in. Mike's session is on the future of curation and he's being joined onstage by a curator from The Whitney. We decided that a combination of both gadgets and art supplies would fit the bill. I was completely blown away by Becca's own curation skills as she carefully selected each and every item.

The whole piece was handcrafted and photographed to capture our hero shot. Then the next day, she started her time lapse by removing each and every piece in a very specific order. Sure enough... I got this text from Becca moments later...

"My water just broke in the middle of the shoot. Haha. Josh helped me finish the shoot, but we're on the way to the hospital now."

You know... because life. Thank you Becca for being SUCH a trooper and we're so glad we got to be part of Ira's big day. Congrats.

And vote here to see Flipboard's session (and Becca's work) live streamed to the world.

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