Friday, February 01, 2008

I’m Not Saying I’m Gonna Vote For Him (Yet).

Modern propagandist, Shepard Fairey, recently designed this stunning limited-edition screenprint poster of potential presidential candidate Barack Obama. I guess Andre and his posse could only satisfy him for so long. What’s fascinating about this piece to me is the All-American patriotism that’s communicated through a medium typically associated with movements, oh like, Communism. It’s inspiring, progressive and classic all at once. Apparently there was an original run of 350 and those were all gone within the first day of its release.

No matter what the outcome of this year’s election is—there’s no doubt that this poster perfectly captures a remarkable moment in American history. And you better believe that thing will be worth some serious casheesh at some point in time! Check out for more quality dissent coming to a neighborhood lawn near you.

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d-mode said...

love this illustration...and I'm not even a demo :)