Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going Sideways

Struck recently won the much needed website redesign for the Miller Motorsports Park. As part of the Discovery Phase for the project (hehe) we went to their world-class track and did hot laps with some of their amazing drivers. I can honestly say there's nothing like it in the world, drifting at warp speed around Le Mans-style curves, hard stops and rocket-like acceleration. Unreal. I seriously could have stayed there all day long. The turns left me hooting and howling.

I actually attempted to videotape a hot lap from the cockpit, but all I got was some bouncy footage of the dashboard thanks to the insane G-forces at play. I do have to give major props to B Money for some killer
stills! The sky was awesome that day.


Justin said...

So cool. I love the sky.

Dr. M./GrandDaddy said...

Now you're talking real sense. An American Muscle car over a Mini (even the MCS) wins hands down in my book. For a fun video, check out Top Gear's episode where they come to the US and drive a new Challenger, a 'Vette ZR1 and a Caddy CTR-V From 'Frisco to Bonneville. Besides their usual humor, it was fun to see the 3 American-bashers fall in love with the American iron.

(Justin's Dad)