Saturday, March 07, 2009

Know Your Foes.

I knew I liked MINIs for a reason! I was stoked to get a little package from MINI this week called the MINI Adventure Field Kit. It was chock full of MINI goodies such as stickers, a mouse pad, a pen and a rad, little notebook. The funniest thing was the MINI Clubman Handbook. One section of the handbook is called: Know Your Foes. It explains that there are three foes that a MINI driver should always beware of: the ex-girlfriend, your boss, and of course clowns. To be a bit more specific—clowns on unicycles.

Cuz let’s face it, anyone who rides unicycles, clown or not, is really just a show-off. Sorry Marcus, it’s true. And apparently this clown even has red hair.
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