Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cut To The Chase: Top 10 Favorite Car Chases

The car chase holds an almost sacred position in the realm of all things Kyality. I have a few criteria that qualify genuine car chases. First, they must involve more than one car—not a car and train (The French Connection) and not just motorcycles/a helicopter (The 2003 Italian Job). Second, the cars must be cool ones (duh). And finally the chase must be unique, with exceptional driving, awesome editing and stylized camera angles. These Top 10 fit that bill:

10. The Italian Job (1969)
Sure the actual chase in this flick isn't the most dramatic, but you cannot watch these Original Minis make their getaway and not smile.

9. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)
Not only do we have a MINI, we have a minivan as well. Fun to see one in action.

8. The Blues Brothers (1980)
This is the number one car chase cluster-cuss of all time.

7. Who Am I? (1998)
Trust me on this one. Jackie Chan-style acrobatics in a car. Does not disappoint.

6. Duel (1971)
Spielberg's first flick. This made-for-TV masterpiece is the definition of suspense on wheels.

5. Death Proof (2007)
Tarantino creates an homage to the car chase that will melt your face (or at least grind it off with tire tread).

4. The Hire (2001)
BMW's compilation of short car chase flicks gives us some of the best car chases ever recorded and put Clive Owen in the driver seat of the rest of his career.

3. The Bourne Identity (2002)
The best Mini car chase has got to be in my Top 3, right?

2. Ronin (1998)
This is the ultimate Euro car chase flick. Nothing else comes close, 'cept of course, The King of Cool.

1. Bullitt (1968)
The grand-pappy of all car chases. Steve McQueen's almost biblical automotive epic defines all that is the car chase. Check out The Selvedge Yard's full breakdown here.
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