Saturday, April 24, 2010

From iPad, on iPad

So as you may or may not have read in my previous post, the exec team at StruckAxiom, in an effort to bring us up to speed with the latest in technology, gave everyone brand spanking new iPads. Yeah, it was pretty much crazy awesome. After spending a week with it, here are my first impressions.

This post is also prompted by the fact that I forgot my MacBook's power cord at work yesterday. Therefore, I'm composing this on the iPad, which is an interesting experience in and of itself. In fact, for some reason, I can only seem to write directly in the HTML editor, weird.

Anyways, I think I'm starting to get it, the iPad that is. Just the other night we were catching up on some shows via Hulu on our iMac. I was just doing some couch-browsing on the iPad, when it was time to start the next show. I quickly launched my Rowmote Pro app, which serves up an iPad specific interface, and fired up the next show from the same device I was just surfing on. Having an iPad is either going to be very awesome or it's going to induce all new levels of laziness.

Mrs. Kyality, who until now, hasn't had a wireless browsing device at home is way excited to get her Grey's on, without subjecting The Kyality Kids to unhealthy degrees of McDreamy exposure.

I had convinced myself that due to the fact that I rock both a MacBook and an iPhone that I couldn't really see an iPad fitting into my personal digital lifestyle. I still don't really see it fitting that well, it's definitely built for someone whose sole connectivity is a desktop. But so far, it's been a superb wireless device and an awesome entertainment system control panel.

UPDATE: I actually had to save this post and complete it on our desktop in Firefox. Apparently, the Blogger CMS hates Safari. There's prolly an app for that now that I think about it.
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