Saturday, January 30, 2010

To all the iPad haters out there...

So, I'm just a little confused. An awesome company comes out with a straight-up product from the future and all of a sudden everyone's like: "Hey, that's not futury enough!" Granted the name sucks, I mean seriously don't name your product after a pun. But other than that, I do in fact dig the iPad. I definitely think they struck the right balance between an iPhone-like operating system and desktop-grade apps.

The industrial design is in fact as sleek and solid as anyone could have hoped for. I mean this isn't 2054 and Tom Cruise isn't running Precrime. Can you imagine having one of these back in college? It's functional, affordable and flat-out cool (okay, I kinda like puns). Bottom line, this product is a newborn and its possibilities are endless. I mean check out the DJ control panel above that ISO50 mocked up within hours of its unveiling. As more true uses for the iPad surface (geez, I'm full of them), I'm positive the haters will come around.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


When I was in elementary school, I loved going to the library for one reason and one reason only. That little library had a collection of books about the future with illustrations by artists like Syd Mead. I was especially interested the future of transportation design.

These supercars of similar sentiment look like they're back from the future, but these pics are from a recent museum exhibit on classic car design in Torino, Italy called: Dream. This exhibit celebrated the the 1960s to 1970s era of design of the Pininfarina group and their contemporaries. That's the 1970
Pininfarina Modulo above, so aws. Check out these intense, yet minimalist interiors!
1962 Bertone Testudo

1968 Bertone Carabo

1972 Italdesign Boomerang
Yes, the dashboard gauges are inside the center of the steering wheel.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

If My Clubman Were a Bike

For a while now, I've dreamt of having a bicycle that matched my MINI. I finally think I found it. Not only is this Bianchi the perfect color scheme, this techie little fixie is philosophically MINIesque too. It's light, tight and packs a few tech goodies. I discovered this whip on—which Mrs. Kyality can attest is kinda my new sickness.

Can you imagine how rad this would look on top of my Clubby???

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dirrty MINIs

Couple of months ago, MINI of Switzerland commissioned ten different artists make some artfully-filthy MINIs. These are my top 3 favorite 'Wash Me' MINIs.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Man Enough for a Mixte

One of the classic step-through frame types out there is called a mixte. In a mixte frame, the top tube of a traditional frame is replaced with a pair of smaller tubes running from the top of the head tube all the way back to the rear axle. And though this frame was most likely intended for the ladies, I'd totally rock this particular fixie mixte dubbed a Soma Buena Vista from Renaissance Bicycles. I'm diggin' its leather grips, seat, pouch and toe clip straps. Most awesome is this whip's straight up wooden rims. Bottom line, I'm man enough for this mixte.