Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Falling for Skyfall

Stumbled on this pic today and got way stoked for Skyfall to hit theaters on the 9th of November. Let's hope there's a car chase that equals the awesomeness imbued in this shot.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Rides

I was always fascinated with the fact that as a kid, you bicycle's everything to you. It's your car, it's your steed, it's your speeder bike. I thought it'd be fun to see if my parents could locate pics of all my bikes over the years. This fine specimen is actually my second, a Murray Freestyle. Totally diggin' my classic Op t-shirt.

So this here's my very first bike. My dad, @normanity, refurbed this this one for me and it was the bike I learned to ride on. He put some Redline decals on it that went great with the matching mags, but I loved it because for years I thought they said "Red Lion," ya know, Voltron-style. My sis, JessintheCity, had a stellar banana-seat Sting-ray.

In the early '90s 10-speeds started giving way to mountain bikes. The white Giant in the background was my first bike with gears and my parents got a matching green one. I eventually got a rack and paniers for this bike and my buddies and I would stuff all of our tennis rackets in the saddle bags and head off to the courts in downtown Newburgh, NY

When I was assigned to a bike area on the mish to the isles of Hawaii, my parents sent me out the green machine. I slapped street tires and fenders (due to daily rainstorms) on her. She was quick as a whip and eventually came to be known as Trigger. She only bucked me once (with a scar on my chin to prove it). Notice the little pant leg clip hanging on the seat, which would pin my right pant leg in order to avoid chain-snagging. (Yes, that's right pants in Hawaii.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From Paris With Love

This is inspiring and cool and makes me want to watch Amélie like right now.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The BMW E30 Reborn

Just this morning I was talking to my pa, @normanity, about how the classic E30 BMW 3-Series is basically this generation's 2002. I see pics of slammed, restored and modded E30 plastered all over blogs these days.

This modern interpretation of the E30 rendered by a Hungarian design studio called TMCars nails a modern interpretation of those classic lines.
I'm totally digging how they took the BMW design DNA and work it into the car, while respecting some of the newer trends we've seen in the ///M1 Homage and i8 concepts.
The stance on this thing is near perfect and feels more BMW than most of the kidney-grilled cars we see roaming the streets these days. Click on any of the pics to enlarge them. Thanks for the heads up @jasonbangerter.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The MINI GP Takes Off

This is just a beautifully shot piece. Enjoy!