Friday, April 19, 2013

Color Scheming a Go-Go

A few years ago, I did a sweet little series of blog posts that I affectionately referred to as Color Scheming. I took each of the MINI factory colors and paired well-designed products with them by color. It was a ton of fun.
For a while now, I've been thinking it'd be cool to do this for a client dynamically. Well, leave it to Nike to do it first. Nike PhotoiD is a tight little web app designed to analyze the colors of an Instagram of your choice. It then applies the colors to a sneaker and beautifully overlays the custom kicks on your pic. It then allows you to share the image and even purchase the shoes.
In discussing the notion of color scheming at work, @magicspoon turned me onto a cool experiment called Matchbook. In this somewhat sassy study, book cover designs are paired with, well swimsuits… primarily bikinis. It's honestly pretty inspiring and definitely not hard to look at.

All this color scheming has inspired me to start a new pinboard dedicated to the art of color pairing. I'll be loading it up over next few weeks, so enjoy!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sleeping Giant

I recently realized that come September, I'll have three of The Kyality Kids in elementary school. I typically haul them to school in the morning. But the MINI only has two buckets in the back and Mrs. Kyality won't let them sit in the front until they're like 18 or something. Upon realizing this, I told my wife that either I needed to get a new car or else she'd need to take the kids to school in the morning. Her response was brief and to the point. She simply said, "Run the numbers."

After reviewing my always-evolving next car consideration set, there was only one car in the bunch that had the kid-hauling capacity and cool factor I desire. So, for the first time seven years, I've broken with tradition and made the jump from MINI to VW. The GTI is the ultimate hot hatch, possessing along with MINIs an amazing combination of sport, economy, luxury, personality and style. It actually wasn't that tough of a decision and happened relatively quickly partly because the only MINI I'd consider that has five seats is well over $5k more than a GTI and is not nearly as fast. 

I know I've dedicated numerous posts to my love of MINIs and I still love them, but honestly I was a Porsche guy way before I was ever a MINI guy. And let's face it, Porsche guys are VW guys. So I scored a black four door and I seriously dig it. The GTI has a giant-sized power to weight ratio and is incredible in the curves. It's a much more refined ride than the Clubman, for better or worse. And it's a great looking ride, though it's way more under radar than a MINI. I've learned that MINIs are attention grabbers, where as GTIs are sleepers. Only people in the know can spot a GTI in a sea of Golfs. 

I took my son to baseball the other day and when we got out of the car he goes, "It's freakin' cold!" I kinda just said, "Hey, don't say freakin'." He quickly retorted, "Can I say you have a freakin' cool car?" I simply responded, "Yes. Yes you can." 

I know I'll drive a MINI again one day. But for know, I'm totally enjoying being a GTI guy. And yes, an official photo shoot will be coming soon.