Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017: A Year in Review

After 10+ consecutive year in review posts of my top 3 faves in topics like music, movies, TV, cars, and more... I figure I've earned the right to shake things up a bit. So this time around, I'm trying something new. Welcome to some of my favorite things that I either loved, discovered, or got into in 2017. These are in no particular order, but there are 9 in total (so yeah, optimized nicely for the Insta).

ADPT Straps

The dudes at Worn and Wound launched their very own American made NATO-style watch strap company this year with the best color combos in the business.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek
Sure, these entry-level all-wheel drives are becoming undeniably ubiquitous, but every time I see an orange one… I just wanna get out and go.


This is Christopher Nolan’s magnum opus and in my opinion it’s easily the best movie of the year. Also, check out the sound illusion that makes Dunkirk so intense.

The Crown

Just when you're starting to really feel a lack of Downton Abby in your life, along comes The Crown with all of its binge-worthy Britishness.

Arcade Fire - Everything Now

Sure it heavies up on the topical messaging and ABBA inspiration, but man there are some arena-optimized crowd pleasers here that make this one an instant classic.

Farer Aqua Compressor Hecla

Yes, I've become a little watch obsessed this year (even more than usual), and this particular model from an inspiring brand really brings it home: simple, functional, beautiful.

Gear Patrol Magazine

I love that a publication, which was born online, can enter the traditional, printed space with such style and sophistication. Opening this magazine feels like Christmas morning every time.

The Grey Nato Podcast

Adventurers Jason Heaton and James Stacey dial up the outdoor inspiration with an every-other-week podcast that kinda makes you wish it was a daily deal.

Under an Arctic Sky

Photographer turned documentarian Chris Burkard delivers an epically frigid film that captures the hunt for the ideal arctic wave. Wait until the end, it's worth it!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Hammer: Mercedes' Gargantuan Grocery Getter

When you meet another wagon guy there's always an instant connect and mutual admiration. #WagonLove is a real thing, but typically you either get it or you don't. The guy featured in this little vid unequivocally get's it. I personally don't know how anyone can look at a car like this and not see what all us wagon guys see. So sit back, relax, and take in the power that is... The Hammer. Maybe you'll become a wagon guy (or gal) too.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Gear of Alien: Covenant

In July of 2012, I was Portland, OR with a ticket in hand to see The Dark Knight Rises. The night before, we decided to see Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi epic as a primer. Though I already knew that Prometheus was a pseudo-Alien prequel, what I didn’t know is that it that would fill my head with enough ideas to pretty much completely ruin my Batman experience and give me enough questions to think about for the next 18 months or so.

About 30 seconds into Alien: Covenant I realized it was in fact a direct follow up to Prometheus—not the indirect sequel we were initially led to believe. And I was stoked. Finally, answers would arise! Well, some questions were answered, others weren’t. But what was clear was—man, this movie looks awesome: the cast, cinematography, locations, sets, and yes… the gear.

Scott and his costume designer Janty Yates enlisted the help of fashion designer Craig Green to create a completely original, but familiar and functional look for the away team’s uniforms. I was completely struck by the textures and tones, the buckles and the brims. 

You can see from Green’s previous work that he has a knack for riffing on classic fatigues, giving them a futuristic and almost otherworldly vibe. 

From this interview with Yates, we learn that Scott instructed to his design team not to revisit what we’ve seen in the previous Alien films and do so with an eye for simplicity. Ironically, it was these fashionable threads’ lack of a space helmet that led to the team’s troubles. At least they looked good in the process.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Celebrating Video on Flipboard

Super excited about my latest work with RSQ celebration powerful integration of video across Flipboard. Read this Medium post about the process!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pile Style

The dream of the 90's is alive. I've been a fan of the pile fleece since high school. I love that thanks to a handful of retro brands, this classic look is making a killer comeback.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Autodromo: A Study in Intersections

Ever since I stumbled upon the Autodromo brand, I've been fascinated by how they've created such a perfect intersection of auto enthusiasm and horology. This short film by Crown & Caliber really captures the spirit of that intersection and brings it to life.

Monday, January 02, 2017

2016: A Year in Review

Top 3 Favorite Albums

3. Future Present Past EP - The Strokes

I know this one’s just a little 4 track EP, but I wore it out on my walks to and from Grand Central. Standout track: Oblivius (Moretti Remix)

2. Cleopatra - The Lumineers

Definitely got my fix of Hey’s and Ho’s with The Lumineers’ next big album. Standout track: Gun Song

1. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Sing Street
This was tough. This flick was easily one of my faves, but its music is what took it to the top of this particular top 3 list. Standout track: Drive It Like You Stole It

Top 3 Favorite Movies

3. La La Land
I’d pretty much follow these two anywhere, even into a musical stroll through an insider’s view of Los Angeles. Standout feature: 2.55:1 CinemaScope Aspect Ratio

2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The first time I saw this, I had some mixed feelings. On my second viewing I was sold. Standout feature: Cassian’s Coat

1. Arrival
This movie came just when we needed it most. It’s an alien invasion flick with a promise of peace. Standout feature: The Heptapod Logograms

Top 3 Favorite TV Shows

3. Last Man on Earth
With cameos by some of my favorite tv stars and movie cars, my number one pick from last year easily continued to earn a spot on this year’s list. Standout episode: General Breast Theme with Cobras

2. Black Mirror

So glad that Netflix is now helming this series. You’ll never look at your mobile phone the same way. Standout episode: Playtest

1. Stranger Things
I seriously don’t care how many member berries are packed into this one. It feels tight and fresh despite referencing films I know and love. Standout episode: Holly, Jolly

Top 3 Favorite Cars

3. Volkswagen Golf Alltrack
Hopefully this rig will help usher in a new era for the post-dieselgate VW.  Standout features: long roof lines and a gravel-tackling stance.

2. BMW M2
You knew this would be here. It’s a treat to the eyes and the ears. Standout feature: wide-bodied wildness.

1. Porsche 911 R
There’s no doubt about it, Porsche tapped right into the whole Magnus Walker fanboy vibe with this one—creating the most driver-centric modern car of all time. Standout feature: throwback minimalist design philosophy.