Saturday, September 30, 2006

How I Lost my Fear of Redheads (and Twins).

For those of you who don’t know me, there are a few things that scare the bejeebies out of me. They are, in this order, redheads, twins, Shirley Temple, and unicyclists, which on that last one is actually less of a fear of and more of a hatred toward. So up until now, my worst fear would have been twin, redhead Shirley Temples on unicycles—but that changed last night.

So what happened last night? Well, I went to a good old fashion barnyard stomp. Yep, that’s right. The star of the show was a sweet, little redhead from the western plains of La La Land—because in case you didn’t know—Los Angeles is apparently the new Nashville. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins graced the timber roof and cinder block walls of Kilby Court last night and the show was kickin’.

Jenny and the Watson sisters stepped on to the stage with gold sequin mini gowns; the band was decked in jeans, tie-less tuxedo shirts, and suit jackets. They cranked up the amps for the tracks from their country-style, gospel-infused, indie-undertoned debut album Rabbit Fur Coat. And I will tell you right now, there was pitch-perfect harmonizing, super twang slide guitar, and yes oh yes, synchronized booty shaking.

Instead of a loud, obnoxious redhead, I saw a sweet little super-cutie who wailed on the guitar and sang like an angel. And the twins were actually engaging and fun, not creepy or alien-like. Let’s just say, I was into it. I was into it big time. And until my next run in with redhead twins, I think that maybe, just maybe I might be cured.

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Dainon. said...

Notice how one of the twins kept giving me the eye all night? I did. I kept trying to stand even taller, so she could see I'd be tall enough to look her into the eye if it came right down to it. And it didn't, but I'm just saying - it's good to be prepared.

Getting a glance once by an Amazon twin-beauty is something, but several? I'm a new man as a result. As are you, Kyle ... as are you.