Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Tailpipes On This One.

This is happening… whether you like it or not. The first true electric vehicle to hit the roads for the masses (well sorta) is a MINI. Actually it’s the MINI E, not to be confused with WALL•E. The MINI E's electric drive train produces 220 Newton meters of torque and hits 6o mph in 8.4 seconds. Unfortunately, the top speed is electronically limited to 95 mph. But the MINI E does feature a suspension system perfectly tuned to match its weight distribution and obviously sports the brand's hallmark agility and handling.

The plug-in electric Cooper only has room for two due to its massive lithium battery pack which sits where the Kyality Kids usually do. The new MINI E motif seems appropriate when positioned next to the current Carfun Footprint campaign that Struck recently completed with BSSP. There will be 500 of these dark silver and yellow Coops leased this upcoming year in California, New York and New Jersey. And the best part is this thing literally kicks out zero emissions.

So rad. What’s next? Mr. Fusion?


upto12 said...

Yeah... don't know that I'd call 500 vehicles in three states "for the masses." Still, though... gotta love that someone's actually producing something like this.

kyality said...

Uh, that's why I said: "well sorta". Duh.

upto12 said...

And my "Yeah..." was agreeing with the "well sorta" - in hindsight that "Yeah..." reads more Lumbergh-esque than affirmative. My bad.