Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The 100th Post!

So here it is!!!! After nearly 3 and a half years of random postings on the topics of music, movies, TV, cars and most recently design—I’ve hit my 100th post! I started my blog in order to resurrect my ailing writing skills. And I’ve enjoyed it big time and I hope you have too. I’ve got a lot in store for 2009, starting with some MINI news I’ll be sharing shortly. Let’s hope there’s as many interesting things to write about this year as there has been in the previous ones.

And finally, here’s a special shout out to one Dan Christofferson who, out of the kindness of his heart designed the killer graphic pictured above! And last but not least, I dedicate each and every one of these skillfully placed exclamation points to Mr. Upto12!!!!! Good luck with the new blahg/site thing!!!!!!

1 comment:

Justin said...

Um, does a post about the 100th post actually count? I mean, shouldn't it have a note about the MINI E, the new Z design, or the fact that the X5 will come in M form?

Poking holes aside, congratulations. Well done, man.