Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hulu’s Taking Over the World (And I Feel Fine)

As of this past January TV season, Mrs. Kyality and I have completely switched over to watching shows online. Yes, we’re still dual-wielding our Bluetooth Might Mouse and Apple Remote from the couch. But other than LOST, which is exclusively shown through ABC’s very nice Full Episode Player, we watch ALL of our shows on Hulu. These currently include: The Office, 30Rock, 24, our guilty pleasure Chuck and of course FNL—or for the uninitiated—Friday Night Lights.

Though I love the quality picture of the ABC Player, I’ve gotta admit that I just feel cool watching shows on Hulu. The interface is extremely well designed, the ads are pretty unobtrusive and don’t require me to initiate the show or choose fullscreen when they’re done and best of all they apparently take requests!

Yep, that’s right. Hulu staffs a very cool, approachable and quick-to-reply customer service team. Over the Christmas break I was stoked to watch a ton of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe with the Kyality Kids. They totally loved it so it got me thinking about the afternoon cartoons I loved as a kid, classics such as Thundercats, Robotech, Galaxy Rangers (not Power Rangers mind you), The Bionic Six and of course Voltron: Defender of the Universe. So I fired off an email to feedback@hulu.com and let’s just say that now the Kyality Kids totally love to get their “Boltron” on.

Just the other night as Mrs. Kyality and I sat down to watch our weekly installment of Friday Night Lights—which as Upto12 has skillfully noted is beyond exceptional this season—I instinctively typed “FNL” into Hulu’s search field… I got nuthin. Now I knew that if I typed in “SNL” it’d quickly connect me to their ample supply of Saturday Night Live content. I fired an email off to my good ol’ friends at the feedback desk asking them to index FNL so I can get my Riggins fix as fast humanly possible. The very next day I got a personal response:

Hi Kyality,
Good call--I have asked our search team to index that abbreviation. Should be
active in the next day or so.

The result… just last week as we went to watch the Dillon Panthers’ season closer, without thinking I once again instinctively typed “FNL” into the Hulu search field and to my surprise and delight it instantly brought me to their full Friday Night Lights line-up. Booyah. Yeah, feel free to thank me for that one. Bottom line, if Hulu’s planning to take over the world, go ahead and count me in. Now if only they could somehow make Parks and Recreation a way cooler show, I’d be set. Maybe I’ll email them that… “Dear Hulu-ers, Can you please make Parks and Recreation as awesome as we all thought it would be? Love, Kyality” Okay, it’s sent!

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