Friday, June 26, 2009


So in the quest for the perfect bike for Mrs. Kyality, which is looking more and more like an Electra Townie, I've stumbled upon a slew of beyond hip retro bicycles. The two that have stood out the most are both from European companies: Retrovelo (above) from Germany and Pashley (below) based in the UK.

I'm not really sure what it is, but these bikes are totally inspiring to me. I dunno if it's their retro-modernism, their pure, classy simplicity or maybe it's just that they're ultra photogenic. It's prolly just good design. What I do know is that if money was no object, the Mrs. and I would surely be rolling on these bikes and we'd prolly need a full-time nanny for the kids so we could ride them and we'd obviously have flats in both London and Munich by little markets—we'd need to ride them somewhere, right? Oh, and we'd need a Learjet so we could go back and forth between continents with our Euro-hipster-velos... again, if money was no object : )

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