Friday, December 25, 2009

Yet Another Kyality Christmas

Another amazing Kyality Christmas has just concluded with an array of sa-weet and even epic gifts. It all began with a few awesome Star Wars-themed gifts that made my son straight-up jealous. Mrs. Kyality first hooked me up with a set of Star Wars action figures based on the initial illustrations of Star Wars characters by legendary concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. Right on the heels of that was the same belt buckle based on Han Solo's blaster worn by Ewan McGegor on the cover of the June 2005 Esquire... so aws. Click here to enlarge the pic above. Santa also supplied a variety of flicks including: Up, (500) Days of Summer, It Might Get Loud and Star Trek.

The gift giving was rounded out with two amazing prints: first an original screenprint poster for The Life Aquatic, very cool. And the final piece was a print by the amazing Leah Giberson called Calumet Series (three). It's a limited edition giclee print and I got number 6 of 100. I was SO stoked. I discovered this artist's eye for amazing paintings of modest, modern abodes earlier this year and her work's been the wallpaper on my desktop and iPhone ever since. I LOVE the print and opening that gift was indeed... epic. Thanks Mrs. Kyality, well done indeed.

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