Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sundancing 2011

Thanks to an amazing selection of documentaries this year, Mrs. Kyality and I had an excellent Sundance 2011. No, we didn't manage catch Hobo with a Shotgun… or any other narratives for that matter.

We were way lucky to catch Senna—the story of Ayrton Senna, perhaps the greatest race car driver who ever lived. This doc was told solely through archival footage and had the perfect cast of characters, the ultimate hero, the ideal villain and an ensemble that you couldn't even begin to write. It played out as though it was unfolding before your eyes. This is definitely a must-Netflix-kind-of-movie.

New Frontier
StruckAxiom was the main sponsor for Sundance's New Frontier interactive installation exhibit at the Salt Lake Art Center. There were some pretty amazing installation pieces including Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown, James Franco's Three's Company: The Drama (complete with your very own can of Tab) and StruckAxiom had an installation of our own—a touchscreen display that aggregates Tweets and Gowalla check-ins from all the Sundance venues.

These Amazing Shadows
We wrapped up our 2011 Sundancing with another doc called These Amazing Shadows—the history of the National Film Registry. Since 1989 the Library of Congress has been archiving 25 films a year. They range from award-winning features to music videos, experimental films to home movies. Each registry selection reflects a truth of its time or a standout artistic vision. Definitely a movie-lovers movie. The great news is that you can vote here for your favorite films each and every year!

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