Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kyle Style Guide

In about 8th grade, I became a little bit obsessed with a gal that worked at the Gap, which made me extra conscious about fashion and for a while led me to think I wanted to be a fashion designer. In fact, I concepted my own line of clothes that year called… 'Kyle Style' of course. Since then I've always thought a lot about what I choose to wear. 

Recently, we met some friends at a restaurant and my buddy actually asked if I could help him dress better. I was flattered and thought he was joking, and he may have been. But it made me think about what could be some tips I could share with him… hence the Kyle Style Guide.

Get Uncomfortable
First things first gents... style is not about comfort. It's about achieving the optimal look. This means wearing clothes that are more of a tailored, tighter fit (a.k.a. lose the baggy sports jerseys).

Keep It Classic
Stick to tried and true classic threads and avoid crazy cuts. Be sure to have at least one of each of these: red plaid flannel shirt, well-worn chambray shirt, tweed blazer, Levi's denim jacket, zip-hoodie, v-neck sweater, wool sweater, field coat, soft fitted tees and some basic Levi's jeans.

Levi's Lovin'
On that note, when selecting your denim... seriously, stick to Levi's. You could potential spend hundreds on designer jeans and they won't stand the test of time as well as a solid pair of good, old-fashioned red tabs. I recommend sticking to either 508, 511 or 514 cuts. 

Layer Up
Once all your basic pieces of apparel are in place, you can mix and match. But most importantly, start layering. Don't be afraid to go as deep as three to even four visible layers. Trust me on this one.

Add a classic set of accessories into the mix. Acceptable items include: knit beanies, scarfs, baseball caps, driver's cap, simple sunglasses, gloves or ties… but not all at once. don't go more than two deep with these.

Non-fancy Footwear
Stick to the same classic, timeless principles when dealing with your feet. Have a pair of each: leather boots, leather dress shoes, Converse All-Stars, classic running shoes and a pair of rubber 'locals-style' flip-flops. 

Color Scheming
Color can be tricky. Always defer to keeping it simple. I use a lot of greys and browns and default to brown leather accessories like my belt, boots, watchband, and wallet. Typically reserve your color accents for shirts and socks. Unless you're Upto12, then you can go ahead and wear green pants.

Hope this is helpful. Check out some stylish examples of these principles here. And follow Tim Melideo from the Stay Classic blog for other great looks.

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