Friday, February 14, 2014

Volkswagen Bio Runner Concept

Back in 2008 I stumbled on this cool concept sketch of a futuristic VW Baja-style racer called Bio Runner. I saved some pics of it on my hard drive and stumbled on them the other day wondering why the crap I never posted them anywhere. The Bio Runner was one of the award-winning designs to come out of that year's LA Design Challenge and I just can't get enough of the spectacular image of the Syd Mead-ish future it paints.

The concept features an athletic vehicle with limbs that can respond to various terrain types and basically lean into turns. It's supposedly powered by dual-turbine engines that can rev up to 500,000 rpm's and drinks bio-synthetic jet fuel. So apparently it's not a hybrid?

I love that the creator went to as far as to envision things like the support chopper delivery system, a Speed Racer-esque spy drone and even a Red Bull sponsorship. This kind of creativity reminds me so much of building crazy LEGO vehicles as kid! Speaking of LEGO... man, I gotta go see that flick already...

Here are some additional images to geek out on:

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