Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Flipboard. Power your perspective.

During my short time here at Flipboard, I've had the chance to help on several amazing projects. And today, we're launching one of my faves! One of the beauties of Flipboard is that it can be many things to many people. I love this multifaceted functionality and this is a peek into how Flipboard manifests itself for power-user Adam Reineck, a San Francisco-based industrial design director.

Adam leads a team of designers dedicated to crafting solutions to humanitarian needs around the world. He uses Flipboard to power his team’s imagination, creativity, and global perspective. But Adam is more than just a designer. He’s a cycling enthusiast, a passionate foodie, and loves to travel. And outside of using Flipboard to strengthen his design skills—he also leverages it to fuel all of his interests. 

And finally, this video proves without a doubt that yes oh yes, hipsters love Flipboard too.

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