Monday, February 25, 2008

The Pixar Way.

How do they do it? Seriously. Last night they took home yet another Oscar. And let’s face it, they totally deserved it. Pixar is without a doubt the most successful movie studio of all time. And to honest, their insane success can be attributed one simple thing. It’s all about the story. If it doesn’t service the story—it’s gone. Just watch the behind-the-scenes disc for the Incredibles and you’ll get it.

I think there are two additional strengths that make them so unreal: free reign exploration and unbelievable attention to detail. A perfect example is this retro series of exploratory screenprinted posters for their next feature: WALL•E. This is a simple, beautiful yet completely potent way of capturing and promoting the stylistic essence of the flick. It’s also a killer way to entice wannabe, design-savvy Pixar fiends to blog about their up and coming release.

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