Monday, March 24, 2008

Lovely Sentiment. Now, Where's The Flippin' Car?!

Diddo! Southern J's latest post perfectly summarizes my feelings on the matter of BMW's maniacal insistence on never bringing the great cars stateside. He found a killer WIRED article proclaiming the all-new Advanced Diesel 1 Series as the winner of the World Green Car Award. And of course—as soon as it was proclaimed winner—the car was promptly packed up and shipped on back to Deutschland. At least the 135i sports sedan is still on its way.

Now I raise my voice to the heavens (with the half dozen other doods who like kinda like hot hatches, and by heavens I mean BMW NA) that someone, anyone will just snap out of it and bring the great rods here! At least give us the option to upgrade our options! Sheesh.

PS: No, I do not
regularly say "flippin'"—never actually—the title of this post is merely a quote from the WIRED article mentioned above. So thank you for listening.

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snizzle said...

Don't lie bro, you say flippin'. What is really curious is why they torment us with that photo. One of the coolest new Bimmers actually in the US, but not. You know? why would they show us how hot it is, but prevent us from actually obtaining it? Oh...and who touched an ACTUAL one series?? AND two of 7700 the Bullitt Mustangs? AND sat in one of them? AND is learning to drive stick?