Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Air Up There.

Ever since Apple discontinued the 12-inch PowerBook with the launch of the MacBook line, I’ve been a little bummed. Granted I’ve enjoyed rockin’ a 15-inch MacBook Pro for the past year, but I loved the unique compactness of my 12-inch G4. Well that all changed as of today. That’s right—I’m typing this very post on a spankin’ new MacBook Air. And I have to admit, so far... so great.

The MacBook Air is an absolutely stunning piece of industrial design. As it sat on my desk at work today—passers by couldn’t help but pick it up and caress it… seriously. Even though it’s ridiculously thin and lightweight, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. In fact it actually seems down right substantial and dialed. It feels like a premium machine as opposed to a standard white MacBook, which at times can come off a bit toy-like.

Besides the sheer weightlessness, the coolest aspect of the Air is the keyboard. It’s essentially a duplicate of the gorgeous new Mac keyboards, with the same tactile feel and user feedback. I also managed to score a killer faux fur-lined neoprene sleeve by Incase.

The only hardship I’ve experienced thus far is the wireless transfer, which was attempted three times and failed three times. Luckily I’d already wussed out and purchased the optional external disc drive, which made the transfer of critical files easy after the no-luck wireless route. But all-in-all I’m stoked! Let’s just say I love all things mini. And on that note I may as well mention that as of today Struck was officially awarded our first interactive project for MINI! So awesome. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress.

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