Sunday, May 04, 2008

New Addition To The Family.

I've been lucky enough to produce a site or two for Specialized bikes and I picked up my own special order yesterday, a silver grey Sirrus Sport. Sure fixed gear bikes are totally hip and totally in. But I grew up doing bikes tours in and around the Hudson Valley, and even though I live on the flat Salt Lake Valley floor, I'm definitely the type of rider who can appreciate more than one gear.

The Sirrus Sport is a heads-up messenger bike with the sleekness of a road bike and the practicality of a mountain bike. Now all I need is a roof rack for the MINI or I can always pull a Southern J: take the front wheel off and hook the fork around the front passenger seat. We’ll see—at least they sort of match.

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Justin said...

Very cool. I hope it sees as many hours out and about as the MINI.

Of note: The bike-into-car maneuver is actually from the Unauthorized Owner's Manual, ironically published by MINI themselves.