Monday, September 08, 2008


On Friday night, Mrs. Kyality, who recently had our third, had to get out of the house. So she went to the movies with a friend and I was left to fend for myself with the little trio of Kyality Kids. Once the rugrats were all snoozing, I felt the need to watch a serious car flick. After perusing the personal collection and realizing I wanted to see something I haven’t seen before—I hopped on iTunes Movies.

After a quick search, I settled on renting the definitive dood movie classic, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. I had a limited amount of time to knock this one out. So it was awesome that you can actually start watching your movie before you done downloading.

I kicked back on the couch, dual wielding my Apple Remote and my Wireless Mighty Mouse, and watched “The Drift”—as I like to call it—in fullscreen mode on our 24-inch iMac. Seriously I have to say, the image quality was fantastic. It was easily near-DVD-quality, but maybe that’s not saying much for all you Blu-ray-ers out there.

All in all the convenience and quality of renting a flick on iTunes made the evening’s experience pretty awesome. Too bad I spent it watching “The Drift”. I dunno, it was more or less exactly what I expected. The characters were pedestrian, the storyline was predictable, but the driving was driftacular.

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Justin said...

...too bad I spent it watching "The Drift."

Classic. I love the notion of a good technology review undermined by worthless content. If I had an extra couple of hours, I'd send it to you to replace the ones you lost.