Wednesday, June 03, 2009

British Racing Green

MINI just released this Limited Edition JCW celebrating 50 years of the Cooper Company winning the F1 Championship. I'm totally digging this true British racing green and blacked-out rims. I could rock this car for sure and... man, do I miss my bi-xenons.


danimal said...

There were an unbelievably high number of mini's in and around salt lake last weekend. It was great to see them all driving around. Very clean and well taken care of. Their "equality now" and rainbow stickers all proudly displayed. Their owners/drivers attending a rainy but otherwise very successful gay gay pride celebration. I thought i would have seen you there- maybe you were outta town?

kyality said...

Yeah, that's probably not helping my neighbors' perceptions of me. Let's put it this way, not only am I the MINI driver on our street—I'm the only guy who doesn't own a truck, a dog and a gun. And my across the street neighbor drives a Dodge diesel with a window sticker proclaiming: Stroke This!

So. Awesome.