Friday, July 17, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood: Exploded View

You may or may not have realized this, but I rarely post videos to my blog. Mainly because I always seem to be the last person to have seen them. This may be the case with this one as well, but I thought it was rad enough to share still. Forgive me if you saw this like 4 months ago or something. But if you don't think you have—take a gander, it's aws. Click here to watch it larger on YouTube.

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teamBoo said...

i guess you have to be in the "biz" to have seen something like that, in which case i am out of the loop. cool vid.

to answer you trivia i am gonna say Wayne's World. are there even any other famous throw up lines? i can't think of any...thanks for keeping my on my toes, we all know how much brain power is lost during pregnancy. Speaking of, Adam and i played old school Lemmings last night till two in the morning, i don't know if that helped or hurt the cause. But Adam had never heard of it, so naturally he was hooked.