Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Book of LOST

In the beginning there was Jack. Ever since I started this blog, thoughts and updates on LOST have been a fairly standard feature. Well, the end of an era is upon us and I thought it'd be nice to take a look at the series finale and what it meant for the show as whole. Don't continue beyond this point if you're still a potential watcher of the finale or a hater of it in general.

In regard to the finale, the dialog was fantastic—Hurley and Sawyer were cracking me up. Desmond was in full force, and I got my "I'll see you in another life brother!" even though it was delivered by Jack. It was fantastic to see Jack and Kate do a bit of tongue wrestling. And you had to love the Jack super punch.

As for what it told us about the show on the whole, I loved that the island and everything that happened on it was in fact real. There really was a magic island in the middle of the Pacific, period. I thought it was a totally intriguing and bold twist to make the show overtly religious. I loved that it was all about Jack and his, for lack of a better term, eternal progression. And I loved that in true LOST-ian fashion we didn't get all the answers—in fact, I felt it was telling us that it's not the little details that matter in the eternal scheme of things.

It seems to me that in the end, LOST was more or less a parable for life and I get that not everyone got it or liked it. Isn't that what a parable is all about anyway?


AngryBaker said...

I'm there with you. I was a bit disappointed in the ending,it felt a bit like a cop out. But I loved the show overall. The characters are what really kept me there and the weirdness was just a bonus. I always loved that each episode there were more questions posed than answered. Most importantly the island was real. And we all knew it was going to be Jack. Still can't wrap my head around sideways-world-purgatory. Found this post interesting:

AngryBaker said...

Oh and you might like this site:

kmon said...

It was a solid ending. I've talked about it so much with coworkers and friends. I'm tired of defending it. You have a well put opinion there. I agree that not getting all of the answers is a good thing. There is no way they could cover everything and no way they would answer everything 'enough' to where there were no more questions... Lighten up everyone

kyality said...

The other thing is this: sure there are a lot of questions left somewhat unanswered—but if you think about everything we've learned over the last two seasons we really know everything we NEED to know about the island. Chillax peeps!

Lulu the Baker said...

We still have the finale on DVR, but I can't make myself watch it again yet. I spent two days crying the first time around, thought I was all over it, and then watched the Jimmy Kimmel Aloha to Lost and started blubbering all over again.

This is Melissa, by the way, not Speedy. That hard-hearted guy didn't shed a single tear!