Wednesday, June 09, 2010

To Fix or Not to Fix

I came across this bike, the GT Gutterball, while grabbing some more not-so-thorn-resistant tubes at my local (mostly mountain) bike shop. The entire staff was stoked that someone was actually interested in one of their non-mountain bike models. They made me take it for a spin—riding fixed takes some getting used to for sure. I almost got bucked! And then they offered me a hefty discount. I was seriously tempted—then I went on a ride on the Sirrus with Upto12 in Yosemite last week and was definitely grateful for the gears.

It's a beautiful bike—whaddya think?


Matt Sheridan said...

If there's a hefty could always sell it for around what you bought it for later. If you regretted the purchase later.

Justin said...

Fixie! Yes!

Seriously, you have to do some planning when/where you're going to ride, but fixies are seriously cool.

kyality said...

They were offering a 15% discount plus a free upgrade to some sweet bullhorn handlebars.