Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Everyday Carry

I'm a big fan Everyday Carry, a.k.a. EDC. Its a blog showcasing user submitted pocket dumps of exactly what people carry on a daily basis. Here's the breakdown of my very own EDC, click here to enlarge.

• Leather Wallet
• Field Notes Memo Book (Graph Paper)

Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil
Nixon Rotolog (Walnut)
iPhone 3GS
iPod Sock (Best iPhone protector ever)
Von Zipper Kickstand Sunglasses
Key to 2009 MINI Cooper S Clubman
Wedding Ring

The whole EDC culture is based on emergency preparedness, which is pretty cool. I actually dig my EDC—but I don't carry a blade or pack heat so guaranteed it'll never get featured. And I guess I'm also pretty much screwed come the morning of the zombie apocalypse.


kmon said...

This post made me smile... I just stumbled across Everyday Carry last week while on vacation. It sucked me in. I've had wallet issues for years and I've found a few good leads from the site. I don't pack heat but keep a multi-tool in my car. Suprised how often I use it... I enjoy how the editor rates everyone's submissions. Good stuff. Plus I dig your watch.

shelby said...

where's your steve jobs post?