Sunday, June 29, 2008

All About EVE.

You’ve probably already heard, but Pixar has done it yet again. They’ve schooled the competition by releasing another technically superior flick with a story that could go down as one of the best films of the year and perhaps one of the best sci-fi films of all time. The Kyality Kids and I caught WALL•E this weekend and seriously the folks at Pixar have outdone themselves.

WALL•E lives up to the hype with moving drama, silent film storytelling, and in the end a very hope-filled outlook. The design of the characters themselves is easily the most compelling aspect of this feature. Granted you experience some definite Johnny 5-ish moments when watching WALL•E, yet it’s still amazing to realize just how much expression the dudes at Pixar were able to accomplish by limiting themselves to strictly mechanical movements of
WALL•E's head and eyes.

But for me, it’s all about EVE. There’s no way around the fact that EVE is just flat out cool. This Jonathan Ive-inspired droid is fast and furious; she’s shiny and sexy. And let’s face it, you’ve got respect a take-charge-kind-of-woman. WALL•E, I’m with you… EVE’s a hottie and I’d probably stalk her too.

By the way, the inspiration for EVE came from Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple not to be confused with Johnny 5, the sentient robot from 1986’s Short Circuit and 1988’s Short Circuit 2. (Yes, there was in fact a sequel.)

Also, Presto—the Pixar short that precedes WALL•E—is in my opinion their best short film yet. And you designer types out there will for sure dig the letterpressed look of this short’s closing creds.

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